Sunday, 18 August 2013

Cut foreign aid to reduce debt

Charity, as we all know, begins at home. Cross-posted from Christopher Booker's column in the Telegraph -

"It may well be right to express dismay at the never-ending revelations of how absurdly the Department for International Development (DFID) fritters away the £11 billion we are splashing out on foreign aid – from subsidising Nigeria’s space programme to paying for Caribbean VIPs to stay in five-star London hotels during the Olympics. And nearly two-thirds of that £11 billion we have no say in disposing of, because it is dished out on the instructions of bodies such as the EU and the UN. But what makes all this even more absurd is that, in effect, every penny of the £11 billion we pay for this largesse we have to borrow in the first place, since it represents less than one month’s borrowing of the £120 billion the Government has to raise every year to fund its rising deficit (the latest June figure was up again on the same month last year)."

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