Sunday, 11 August 2013

Cows are being persecuted

I nicked this post from Mark Wadsworth, who nicked it from Pub Curmudgeon, who nicked it from the BBC -

"People living on a housing estate in Greater Manchester awoke to find a herd of cows on their doorsteps. Up to 40 cows are believed to have escaped from Bongs Farm, Stockport sometime before 04:30 BST and congregated at Eastover Road, Romiley. Resident James Small said neighbours were woken by 'mooing' as dawn approached. 'It was the funniest wake-up call ever,' he said. Police said the cows have now been safely returned back to the farm."

And being conceited - and justifiably so, in my opinion - I decided to nick the reply that I left on Mark's blog -

"Sounds like racism to me. Those cows might have been fleeing persecution and seeking asylum. Why did the Home Office not send out someone who could speak Cow? As a Guardian reader I am sick of the stereotyping cows are subject to - they spread muck everywhere, they moo, etc. All unsubstantiated EDL rubbish. Cows work hard for their keep, unlike the native working class. Incidentally we are having a latte morning at the CLP to raise funds for Cow Lib. I hope no Unite oiks turn up - or cows, for that matter."

Well anyway, I thought it was good. I wonder how many other people cross-post their own comments? No-one?

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  1. Thought there had to be a bit of Wadsworth in there. :)


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