Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Civil war over wind farms

The LibDem part of the government is not at all happy with the Conservative part over our noisy green monsters -

"A new Government row over wind farms is blocking a report that could provide official confirmation that the controversial turbines can harm rural areas. Sources have said that the Department of Energy and Climate Change - run by Ed Davey, a Liberal Democrat — wants to stop Owen Paterson, the Conservative Environment Secretary, publishing a major report that he has commissioned on renewable energy and the rural economy. 

Mr Paterson, a known opponent of onshore wind farms, is understood to be furious at the attempts to stifle his department and is said to be 'determined' to publish the findings. In June, he said that onshore turbines were often regarded as a 'complete scam'. Opponents of wind farms claim that they are unsightly and are an inefficient method of energy generation. Sources in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs tonight claimed that figures in Mr Davey’s department were more concerned about 'ideology' than scientific evidence. 'This is our department,' a source said. 'We are doing this report. It is part of our remit.'

Meanwhile the leader of the LibDem's provisional wing - Green MP Caroline Lucas - tries to intimidate villagers into opposing fracking, the cheap and safe alternative to wind farms. She's quite a fascist at heart....

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