Monday, 26 August 2013

Britain goes to war again...

Here's a bit of good news for the Assad regime, under heavy attack by islamists and threatened by the West -

"UN inspectors are set to begin investigations today into allegations chemical weapons were deployed east of Damascus last week....Walid Muallem....expressed Syria’s willingness to co-operate with the inspectors to expose as false allegations that government forces had used chemical weapons......Moscow, which had urged the government to give the inspectors access to the affected area, accused rebels of obstructing the inquiry by refusing a local ceasefire."

So now we'll be able to see whether Assad really has been gassing civilians, or whether as rumours suggest, it's the rebels who've been doing it and blaming it on the regime. But Uncle Sam isn't happy about the inquiry -

"The United States has dismissed a belated promise by Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to allow United Nations inspectors to visit the site of last week’s suspected chemical weapons attack on civilians. A senior Obama administration official said there was 'very little doubt' that Assad’s forces had used chemical weapons....and that the Syrian president’s decision to allow UN inspectors access to the site was 'too late to be credible'."

Besides, sniffs the White House, "the army's 'persistent shelling' since the alleged chemical attack has helped to corrupt the evidence". In other words bugger the weapons inspectors - the US doesn't need UN permission to invade Syria and usher a bunch of Sunni nutjobs into power. And this time, to hell with dossiers from the likes of Alistair Campbell, because Barack Hussain Osama has all the, er, evidence he needs from the Sunni nutjobs.

With Iran's only ally - President Assad - knocked out of the picture, BP, Total and Exxon-Mobil the western allies can finally get their hands on its nationalised oil industry liberate that country too.

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