Sunday, 18 August 2013

Behind the news

The Guardian-reading classes have never forgiven the SAS for killing three members of the IRA in Gibraltar, even though they were planning to murder innocent British citizens. Twenty-five years later these gutless traitors are pushing for the Rock to be given back to Spain, which freely ceded it to Britain in 1713 and which is now trying to bully it back. The dispute revives memories of the hated SAS, which the Fleet Street Left is now hysterically accusing of bumping off Princess Di (lack of motive being irrelevant). How these Hampstead Heath commandos must resent being made to feel inadequate by some of the manliest soldiers in Britain!

The Church of England is starting to like fracking, much to the annoyance of other champagne socialist groups. One such outfit, led by foreigners claiming to represent villagers, has been committing criminal offences in the heart of Sussex in order to intimidate the locals into opposing shale gas exploration. The fact that the left's preferred alternative - killer windmills - need to be subsidised out of high electricity bills means nothing to them. Pensioners can simply freeze to death. But the Church isn't backing the frackers out of the goodness of its heart. As a major landowner it retains the mineral rights whenever it sells off freehold properties, and half a million householders have now been informed of this fact.

In a landmark ruling the Court of Protection has decided to allow a man with learning difficulties, who wants a vasectomy, to have one. I say "landmark" because normally this Orwellian-named body deprives people of their civil rights, sterilising them and locking them up in care (sic) homes against their will - and imprisoning any relatives who make a fuss about it. Moreover, the Court usually imposes gagging orders to prevent its judges being exposed. Unfortunately it has banned the man with learning difficulties from being identified, but at least the press release said that he wants a vasectomy.

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