Saturday, 24 August 2013

Auntie abuses men

In the man-bashing equality stakes the BBC always tries to come first. This is from Bill Rogers' blog -

"I hope Lucy Adams, BBC HR chief, has set up a caring-sharing-helpline for concerned middle-aged male local radio breakfast presenters. They'll be spending the weekend checking their contracts, pensions, AVCs and mortgage statements and phoning station managers to demand Monday meetings, as Lord Hall sets a target for 50% female presentation across 40 or so local radio breakfast programmes by the end of 2014."

Make that middle aged white male breakfast presenters, for as Bill notes, only two such presenters are from ethnic minorities. Yes, it's not enough that women are becoming TV presenters for such masculine sports as football and rugby - although the BBC does employ some, er, rather mannish women of course. They've now got to fill quotas on the radio too, even when a man might prove better qualified for a breakfast radio vacancy than any of the available women. Don't expect any more blokes to pop up on Woman's Hour though - apart from one or two of the, ahem, lisping variety perhaps. But then the BBC's got a downer on men anyway. Why, the wicked Auntie of the airwaves even drove one chap to suicide last year, thanks to her notorious culture of abuse.

....with the help of the police

Meanwhile yet another elderly white male former BBC employee - Dave Lee Travis - has been framed for sex abuse, while Jim Davidson has been let off. Corporation policy is to supply the names of those who tick the right boxes to the police, in the joint hope that the ensuing arrests will make viewers forget about endemic moslem grooming. Police then trawl widely for compo hunters with distant, hazy memories. A particularly large haul enabled the only conviction so far, that of Stuart Hall. And he only confessed to try and avoid a stiffer sentence.


  1. XX although the BBC does employ some, er, rather mannish women of course. XX

    Aha. Those best described a a Dutch way of holding back sea water?

  2. What way would that be, Furor? I'm naive. :)

  3. Aye. RIGHT you are.... :-)

    Just incase you are NOT joking, Dykes.

  4. The BBC is so politically correct it has done a 360 and disappeared up its own arse to come out on the other side thinking if it follows a feminazi idealogy all will appear correct.
    Their choice of inept female presenters who furnish us on Breakfast each weekday morning with the weather, the business, the sport, the topical "men are dross women are supreme beings" claptrap is both patronising to women and ridiculously libellous to mankind. As a national institution they need both to hang their collective heads in shame and surrender to abolition as the anachronism to the truth that they so proudly represent.


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