Monday, 19 August 2013

Another fraudbuster resigns......

This time before he even started work. I just hope he doesn't get severance pay, because we'll be paying for it -

"In a surprise move, former KPMG partner Jeremy Outen has stepped down from his role as director designate of the National Crime Agency’s economic crime command just months before the new unit is due to go live. In a terse statement issued yesterday, the Home Office said, 'Jeremy Outen has decided not to take up the post as director of the economic crime command within the National Crime Agency for personal reasons.'"

KPMG? Isn't that the giant accountancy firm which helps big firms and rich people avoid paying tax - and which advises the Treasury on tax policy, like letting big firms and rich people get away with murder? It must be *cough* difficult, if not impossible, to pinch your old clients when you're a fraudbuster. Anyway, on with the inquest -

"The reasons behind his decision to leave the post he had only just joined are unclear although the Financial Times reports that his personal tax arrangements may be a factor. There is no suggestion that he acted illegally. When contacted by the FT, however, Outen rejected the proposition as 'inaccurate'."

That's right, he even fiddles his own taxes, although it's "inaccurate" to say that he acts illegally because he hasn't been found guilty of anything in a court of law yet. In fact may be able to cut a sweetheart deal with the Revenue yet - its inspectors are *cough* very flexible on these matters - and avoid being nicked at all. The article continues -

"The government intends the National Crime Agency, which will replace the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in October, to be fully operational by December. But Outen’s decision to quit, following hard on the heels of the resignation of SOCA’s chairman, Sir Ian Andrews, earlier this month, will leave the Home Office struggling to put a leadership team in place in time."

Andrews was forced to resign because of his corrupt connections with big firms and rich people. Plus ├ža change....

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