Thursday, 4 July 2013

Who runs the Labour Party?

The party was founded by a coalition of the Independent Labour Party, the Scottish Labour Party, the Social Democratic Federation, the Fabian Society, and the Trades Union Congress - which provided the working class support, the other outfits being dominated by control freaks from the lower middle class who looked forward to exploiting the masses in their own best interests (sic) one day. Party leaders have always been drawn from this class - even so-called miner's son Keir Hardie was really the son of a mine manager. (Few miners would have liked their sons swanning around the house in a kimono, in imitation of the actors in The Mikado.)

If it hadn't been for union support the party would have collapsed ages ago. It was the unions which encouraged their working class members to vote Labour rather than Communist or for some other left-wing party, of which there have been many over the years. And it was the unions which kept a low profile as successive Labour prime ministers, all of them posh boys having nothing in common with the working class, flooded the country with immigrant labour to keep wage bills low, encouraged women to work because as second income earners they'll slave away for peanuts, and latterly repressed working class anger using increasingly virulent hate speech legislation. That the posh boys have been obviously taking bribes from big business was a matter the unions kept quiet about, for fear of alienating their members from the monster they had created, the Cheap Labour Party. (Not that the socialist nobility have only taken bribes - they have also created fatcat's jobs for themselves financed out of general taxation, thus further impoverishing their long-suffering support base.)

So it is more than a little ironic that Labour's latest elitist leader is cracking down on the Unite union's attempt to "infiltrate" its members into his party, and has even suspended the Falkirk branch while he purges these oiks from the ranks of the middle class faithful. The fact is that Unite, like the other unions, deserves this treatment for putting up with the degradation of its members for so many years by an unrepresentative clique whose class interests are so opposed to their own. The only thing which can be done now is to rip down the Labour Party and start again - only this time taking care to prevent the Lord and Lady Bountifuls from joining.

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