Saturday, 6 July 2013

Warmer seas mean more fish....

As global warming is revealed to be a Brussels scare story, there's good news for fishermen -

"Ken Drinkwater, one of a team of scientists at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen who have been observing the Arctic for decades, dismisses the idea that the ice is melting because of any rise in global temperatures. 'The warming' he says, 'is primarily due to currents. A greater amount of warm Atlantic water is flowing into the North Atlantic and up to the Barents Sea' ”.

The polar bears aren't drowning - but penguins could be following the fish northward soon -

"Antarctic sea ice has been expanding, so that there is currently more sea ice globally than the 34-year average....a consequence of the Arctic warming is the moving northwards of vast quantities of cod and other fish as their food becomes more abundant. This has allowed the Norwegians and Russians, who manage the fisheries in the Barents, to award themselves a cod quota this year of a million tons, doubtless bringing tears to the eyes of our British fishermen, allowed by the EU to catch just 10,000 tons."

Imagine a British fishing industry one hundred times bigger than it is today. Imagine leaving the European Union, which almost managed to wipe it out.

Which has retarded the revival of our manufacturing sector using our plentiful supplies of cheap shale gas, by imposing carbon dioxide quotas. Which cripples our farmers by subsidising French peasants to the hilt.

Quite frankly, we'd be better off out.

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