Thursday, 4 July 2013

The evils of immigration

In an effort to recoup ground lost to UKIP, the Tories have commissioned a report - which they will now ignore.

"Home Office researchers have assessed for the first time the ground-level impact of immigration on British communities...Mark Harper, the immigration minister, said: 'This report highlights the significant impact high levels of migration have had on UK communities'. More than 2.2million people from the EU and 2.4million from outside the EU live and work in Britain....half of people in England and Wales live in an area hit by high levels of migration....while most immigrants were based in London and the South East, they had the biggest impact on industrial towns with high levels of unemployment such as Rotherham and Oldham. Towns with high levels of migrant workers such as Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Lancashire were also likely experience an increased burden on local services."

"Asylum seekers....are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and mental illness, while immigrants in general were more likely to suffer from tuberculosis, HIV and and Hepatitis B....Migrants also have more children than people in Britain, creating 'additional demands for midwifery, maternity and health visiting services'....Local authorities raised concerns that in some areas demand for primary school places 'outstripped supply'....Secondary effects of high migrant demand at the bottom end of the private rental market were poor quality, overcrowded accommodation, inflated rents, exploitations by unscrupulous landlords, waste management and pest control issues....migrants and asylum seekers were 'disproportionately involved in crimes like shoplifting and disorderly behaviour' [and] were also found to cause tensions in communities because of anti-social behaviour."

Mind you, they do keep wages down

"However, most local authorities said that low-skilled migrant workers were seen as having a 'positive' effect on the local economy, particularly when they did 'hard to fill jobs'."

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