Monday, 8 July 2013

So just how many bent coppers are there in the Met?

Melanie Philips is shocked at the culture of corruption which pervades the Metropolitan Police -

"Three Met detectives are claiming that David Hunt, an East End businessman named by a judge last week as the head of an organised crime network, had used corrupt officers inside Scotland Yard to help him evade justice for some three decades. These revelations are profoundly disturbing. Astoundingly, the Met had tried to throw the book at these three detectives who finally got onto his tail — one of whom, DCI David McKelvey, the former head of the crime squad in Newham, East London, had his career ruined and suffered a nervous breakdown as a result. "

"These detectives had warned Scotland Yard that Hunt had taken out a contract to kill them and that he had links to corrupt officers and council officials. But instead, the three found themselves the target of what Mr Justice Simon last week called a 'misdirected' inquiry into baseless allegations of corruption — an inquiry which had 'undoubtedly assisted' Hunt in his efforts to avoid prosecution after he was arrested for blackmail, threats to kill and witness intimidation."

Melanie points out that Hunt has only been brought to justice through the efforts of a dedicated journalist, who had exploited his informal contacts within the Metropolitan Police to good effect. However, I find it noteworthy that police officers who do talk to the press - a practice frowned upon by Lord Leveson - are now being harassed and sacked by their senior officers. So just how many bent coppers are there? 

And what special status does the Guardian have at New Scotland Yard? No-one from that newspaper has been charged with bribing the police for information on which Murdoch hack will be fingered next, because apparently any such prosecutions wouldn't be in the public interest. Hypocritically, the Guardian is just as big a champion of Leveson as the Met's senior officers (and others with a lot to hide, such as most members of Parliament). But then to a socialist rag all pigs might well be equal, but some pigs are more equal than others. 


  1. Just on the precipice of Detective Jaden Thompson of the National Corruptions Agency blowing wide open a case of judicial corruption and exposing several corrupt magistrates and police officers, Today it was discovered that a Swindon cop Claire Rebecca Holborn of the Wiltshire Constabulary is still possibly working as a police officer despite being made bankrupt on the 8th February 2012, What makes this even more interesting is that not only are you supposed to not work in ANY civil service role when bankrupt, but she is now Claire Rebecca Leakey and married to Adam Leakey of Swindon C.I.D so its another case of do as we say and not as we do among the bent officials manipulating our system and abusing their powers. Claire Leakey (nee holborn) can be read about at, the link to her bankruptcy is

  2. Is that by any chance the Detective Jaden Thompson who is associated with Group 13 and Annie Machon ? I heard on "the circuit" they were relieved of their duties due to a conflict of interests. ie: Mi6 wasnt happy with Thompsons relationship with mi5 and mi5 wasnt happy with Annie Machons relationship with mi6. Not sure if this is true but if it is, you got to admit the beautiful paradox of our security services. And of course the poetic justice of a bent cop picking on someone like these two. I've also noticed that thompson and machon are linked in through Private security Group 13 which means despite the massive whistleblowing case that took place, she probably is now well protected and wont end up like david shayla (drugged and driven insane with paranoia and God complexes). or framed for unsavoury things like Thompsons SAS friend John Macaleese who co wrote the book Hacker Hunter. I also notice that the SAS guy and writer Chris Ryan mentions thompson and certain "assignments" happening in the town of swindon in one of his books "The Increment" in the first couple of pages no less. So I'm kinda feeling sorry for this cop. I wouldnt be surprised if her bankruptcy was "orchestrated" by higher powers if you know what i mean. CID or not, Group 13 kinda have a bit of a rep for getting things done whatever the cost. I look forward to hearing more about these cases.

  3. Looks like her husband PC ADAM LEAKEY is bankrupt too mate.Yet he is still working for Swindon C.I.D by the looks of it. check this link:


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