Monday, 29 July 2013

Scrap income tax and benefits

.....and replace them with a Citizens' Credit scheme.

Every individual citizen aged 18 and over, plus 16 to 18 year olds living away from home, should receive this regular payment, whether working or not. It would be adjusted upward for old age, disabilities, number of children, and the median local rent for one-person accommodation. It would be adjusted downward for able-bodied non-retirees without dependants who are not in full-time education or work (including accredited voluntary work).

Any work earnings would be taxed at 20% and 40% with no allowances. Although any state second pension entitlements would still be paid, the state pension itself would be abolished, along with student maintenance grants and farm support. With the citizen's credit guaranteeing an income, there would be no need for these schemes - nor, for that matter, the minimum wage. And women could afford to be full-time mothers again.

The citizens' credit would pay for itself through a huge reduction in HMRC, DSS and housing benefit bureaucracy, and through the restriction of entitlement to citizens only. Many economic migrants would leave the country, the benefit trap would be abolished, and you could run a business with money coming in from day one.

Of course, we would have to leave the European Union and derogate from some of the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights. But as EU agricultural support has crippled our small farmers, and as human rights law discriminates in favour of criminals, opportunists and foreigners, I think it's about time that we put the decent British little guy first. And my citizen's credit scheme would do just that.


  1. Yes, this is the sort of thing which the Citizen's Income Trust is trying to educate people about.

  2. Shall run this tomorrow. I take it you're advocating this, Ian?

    Not sure about 40% - why not flat rate?

    1. Yes, I am.

      About flat rate - If it was just 20% I think there'd be a big Treasury shortfall. UKIP admit there'd be one if their 30% tax/NI proposal was implemented.

      I don't think it wise to trust too much to Laffier curve logic.

  3. would all those citizens who have left the uk get the money?

    1. Yes, but it would be adjusted for their chosen country's personal tax allowance.


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