Friday, 12 July 2013

Saddo complains about The Railway Children

Here is an example of the kind of person who wants to ban something which no-one else takes exception to -

"Forty-two years after it was released, classic family film The Railway Children has prompted its first complaint to the British Board of Film Classification. 'The correspondent was concerned that children may be encouraged to play on railway tracks as a result of seeing the film,' the BBFC's annual report reveals. The tear-jerking drama, directed by Lionel Jeffries, starred Bernard Cribbins, Dinah Sheridan, Jenny Agutter and Sally Thomsett."

"The report, published on Thursday, said the BBFC judged that it was 'very unlikely' that The Railway Children would promote 'such dangerous activity'. 'The Railway Children is set in the Edwardian period and trains and access to railway property are very different today,' the censor said."

This sort of complainant often looks out for gollywogs, so that he can write a piece for the Guardian about how offended he is on behalf of the minorities.

Still, I suppose we must be grateful that the complaint wasn't about 14-year-old Jenny Agutter's friendship with middle aged railway porter Perks, played by Bernard Cribbins. His line "I'd do anything for you, miss" could so easily have been taken to mean "How about eloping to France, then?" by the sort of obsessive who sees potential child abusers everywhere. Except beside her, of course, on the Labour benches.

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  1. Saw that - thought it was amazing. Is there anything they won't touch?


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