Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Posters will scare foreigners away

Well, that's the idea. The fact is that we can't force EU nationals to leave because of the European treaties successive Tory and Labour governments have signed us up to. And if we try to kick other foreign nationals foreigners out then they'll claim asylum and make up a cock and bull story about being persecuted in their home countries. What's that - did you say "if we uncouple ourselves from the European Convention on Human Rights we can kick out all the non-EU foreigners we like"? Can't - EU rules won't let us. What about a referendum on leaving the EU, then? Cameron doesn't want one any more than Clegg or Miliband do.

Oh yes, and the United Nations would prefer it if we don't call these unwelcome guests "illegal immigrants" in future. Apparently they're irregular immigrants instead, implying that anyone should be able to live anywhere they like. At this rate using the word "foreigner" will soon become a hate crime. Now, about those posters -

"The Coalition's plans to scare illegal immigrants into leaving the country with billboards have been derided by UKIP as a pathetic approach to the issue of illegal immigration....Nigel Farage said: 'We don’t even know how many migrants are here to the nearest million, and this absurd attempt to be seen to be doing something will earn the contempt of anyone unfortunate enough to see it. It’s gesture politics of the most inane and laughable sort'. Advertising vans carrying the messages will be on the streets of six London boroughs over the next two weeks in Hounslow, Ealing, Barking and Dagenham, Brent, Barnet and ­Redbridge."

Nope, you just couldn't make it up.


  1. The illegal immigrants will get the message but will iDave and cronies?

    1. Depends what the focus group says ;)


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