Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lobbyists and other filth

The establishment wants us to stay in the EU. Dan Hannan MEP explains -

"It’s not true that the EU is universally disliked. It suits some people very well: lobbyists, civil servants, multinationals, consultants, contractors. Plenty of rent-seekers enhance their income through the EU, either directly or indirectly. They won’t give up without a fight. You’ve probably noticed that, in recent weeks, various grandees have been urging Britain to remain in the EU. Big corporations, retired Eurocrats, government officials and even a couple of overseas ministers have sought to prejudice the outcome of the In/Out referendum. No one imagines that this flurry of activity is accidental. Plainly someone is soliciting interventions.......that someone is almost certainly Business for New Europe, a network of former Eurocrats and corporates organised by the New Labour lobbyist, Roland Rudd."

Even retired Eurocrats have to keep banging the Brussels drum for fear of losing their pensions - and there are many more where they came from in Parliament and the civil service, all eager for better-paid work as bent Eurocrats, or as lobbyists - in other words bagmen - who pass on the corporate bribes in return for small-business-crushing directives. The EU wouldn't exist if it wasn't for corruption. We joined in 1973 -

".....partly because Foreign Office mandarins kept the application on track in defiance of their elected bosses. Several of the ‘business leaders’ now being paraded as supporters of EU membership are, in fact, career diplomats who happen to have picked up directorships in retirement. Look at the names proffered by Rudd’s organisation. Sir Andrew Cahn was Neil Kinnock’s Chef de Cabinet in Brussels. Lord Kerr and Sir Nigel Sheinwald former heads of UKREP, Britain’s permanent representative office in the EU."


  1. The caveat on lobbyists was not unfounded.

    1. True. Pity the changes will make little difference, but it's a start.


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