Saturday, 6 July 2013

First we had the haircut, and now....

Those of you who are not immature youngsters will remember the budgie haircut of the early 1970s, as popularised by pop singers Adam Faith and David Bowie. Practical Fishkeeping tells us that we are in for a revival - only this time, we will be getting budgie teeth -

"Our teeth are 'no longer fit for purpose' according to a scientist from the University of Sheffield, who thinks humans will eventually evolve to have a puffer-like beak. Dr Gareth Fraser has studied the jaws and beaks of puffers, which endlessly renew the tooth-like material their beaks are made from throughout their lives."

So can we now have beaks instead of teeth? Sadly not yet, although while we're waiting we might be able to grow a few more rows of teeth, like sharks. Sheffield University is clearly in the forefront of dental fashion -

"Sheffield scientists also identified the cell that that allows sharks to continuously shed and regrow teeth throughout their lifespan. We humans have to get by with just two sets of teeth throughout our entire lives — and with our increasing lifespans and modern diets, we could definitely do with a few more.....Dr Fraser also reckons that eventually humans will evolve to grow beaks like pufferfish, which he says may be 'more robust and practical' — although that's unlikely to happen for a few million years yet."

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