Sunday, 21 July 2013

Fascism news

On top of a minister trying to stop shops displaying fattening food on the way to the checkouts, a little girl has now been sent home from her school trip for eating a few chocolates. Worse, snooping teachers only found her out by opening the letter she had written to her parents. Harriet Harman wants to ban groups of friends from discriminating against women, ignoring the large number of women-only golf clubs and other voluntary outfits. Police continue to terrorise children for not mixing with enough blacks, and the EU continues to collect our fingerprints, irrespective of whether we have criminal records. Social services are now snatching thousands of foreign children too, maximising the profits of private care (sic) providers. High viz jackets have become compulsory for horses, and soon you will not be allowed to smoke in your car. Unlike half of all crimes committed, this will be logged as one.

The smoking ban will be extended to your own home in due course, even though you will be buying plain (sic) packs with gory pictures. Your children's state minder will find out and report you - a Scottish scheme which will go nationwide before very long. Mind who you offend on the Internet and say goodbye to page three in the Sun, as the pictures offend Harriet Harman. If white, obtain a consent form before sleeping with someone or you will be arrested thirty years later. (Moslems are not required to obtain consent from those under legal age.)

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