Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Come to Wales, where they steal your money AND your organs

Look at the whey big Caerphilly cheeses have skimmed off the council tax -

"The suspended chief executive of Caerphilly council and his acting successor have been arrested on suspicion of fraud and misconduct in public office....the arrests come as part of an investigation being undertaken by Avon & Somerset Police into huge secret pay rises awarded to 21 senior officers of the council last year. The rises followed recommendations made in a report by chief executive Anthony O’Sullivan.....the individuals arrested were Mr O’Sullivan and his deputy Nigel Barnett, who has been acting chief executive of the authority since his boss was suspended in March.....Gwent Police was considered to be too close to Caerphilly council."

I wonder if Gwent police - whose chief constable has just been sacked - will get kickbacks of spare NHS organs for resale to the private sector, too?

"The recent decision taken by the Welsh Assembly Government for a presumed consent system for organ donation has been slammed by UKIP as 'ethically questionable' . UKIP Spokesman for Health, Steph McWilliam, has described the debate over whether people are automatically considered consenting donors unless specifically opting out of the donor register as having 'no space in politics...we should not have politicians deciding whether or not people should automatically donate organs.....this essentially amounts to state ownership of the body where your organs are registered on a national data base unless you decide they should not be'."


  1. Dangerous place, Wales, not all that far from here, best avoided.

  2. North Wales especially so -



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