Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bent Sheffield

In a free enterprise society you can buy an airport for a quid... as long as you know the right socialists -

"The failed Sheffield City Airport is to be redeveloped with a £1.8
 million taxpayer-funded loan. This comes despite current owners having being allowed to purchase the £18 million site for £1. The airport was opened in 1997 but did not attract anywhere near the expected passenger numbers – just 13,000 customers in 2002, the year in which scheduled flights ceased."

You bought the land, with an £18 million pound Labour government grant to Labour-run Sheffield City Council. To continue with the article -

"The operating company, Peel Holdings, lost £1 million in 2001 alone. This lack of financial viability led to, as agreed in the operating contract, Peel being allowed to purchase the land for £1 in 2002....proposals to tear up the runway and build a business park are due to receive a further £1.8 million out of taxpayers’ pockets."

I wonder how much Peel Holdings will make from selling their one pound airport? Another link from the BBC -

"Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for any future development of the Sheffield City Airport site to be put on hold. More than 5,500 have backed calls to halt proposed building work until an independent public inquiry is held. Current owner Sheffield Business Park plans to dig up the runway area to build offices, warehouses and retail units."

It would appear that Auntie fell for the official press release, because Sheffield Business Park is now joint owner of the airport with Peel - so both stand to make a fortune from the (taxpayer-subsidised, as mentioned) redevelopment scheme.

Sheffield City Council seems determined to ignore the objections of 5,500 local voters. But then this isn't the first time that development giant Peel has "blurred the boundaries between public and private interests".

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