Saturday, 6 July 2013

A limp-wristed telling off for Jihadi TV

As I've blogged before, the authorities tend to ignore TV stations which broadcast the virtues of jihad, wife-beating and rape. But for once, the effete luvvies of Ofcom (who are trying to censor the kind of programs that we all get to hear, regardless of religion) have shown a bit of spine. Not much, mind you, but it's a start -

"A British TV channel has been fined £105,000 after it aired a live lecture by an Islamic scholar who allegedly advocated killing people who insult the prophet Muhammad. Manchester-based station DM Digital, which describes itself as Britain's most-watched Asian channel, broadcast the one-hour programme in Urdu in October 2011. The Islamic scholar can be heard telling his audience: 'I hail those who made this law [Pakistan's blasphemy law] which states that one who insults the Prophet deserves to be killed – such a person should be eliminated.' Ofcom's English-language translation of his lecture suggest he also told viewers: 'If someone takes a step in the love of the Prophet, then this is not terrorism'."

Four telling observations - 

The Guardian has made unnecessary use of words like "allegedly" and "prophet".
A hundred grand really isn't going to hurt a television station very much.
The police have declined to charge journalists and producers with hate crimes.
The BBC hasn't reported this news at all (Auntie probably thinks it's our fault.)

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