Sunday, 7 July 2013

Abu Qatada - "I'll be back"

That was Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous line in Terminator 1. But it could equally well be Abu Qatada's. He has finally left the country on the anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings - but no-one made him go.

"Theresa May could barely suppress a smile of triumph yesterday as she toured the TV studios to soak up the plaudits for finally removing Abu Qatada from the country. She is the sixth Home Secretary in 12 years to face the frustrations of trying to deport the fundamentalist cleric and where her predecessors failed, she had succeeded. Today, Qatada is in a civilian detention centre on the outskirts of the Jordanian capital awaiting trial for his alleged role in a terrorist conspiracy 15 years ago involving bomb attacks on the American school and the Jerusalem Hotel in Amman; but if anyone thinks his departure has set a precedent or, indeed, changed anything, then they are deluding themselves. After all, we should not forget that Qatada chose to go. Had his lawyers lodged another appeal, he would still have been here this time next year."

It was the signing of a treaty with Jordan, certifying that evidence obtained under torture would not be used against him, which decided the issue for the terrorist organiser. And as soon as the trial is over he will come back to his nice big council house and disability benefits, citing his right to a family life under the European Convention on Human Rights as his excuse for staying in Britain - because without that kind of evidence the Jordanian prosecutor hasn't a hope in hell of winning, as Qatada's legal aid lawyer would have advised him. He wouldn't have gone otherwise .

Theresa May has made a name for herself as one of the most dishonest Home Secretaries in British history - see here and also here for past posts on her lies and distortions. And one thing's for sure - three of our four mainstream parties will never amend the 1998 Human Rights Act, which makes our judges slaves to the Strasburg Court - unlike judges in other countries which have signed the Convention. UKIP is pledged to end our connection with the Convention altogether.

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