Thursday, 18 July 2013

A vicar damns the NHS

These are extracts from a post by the Reverend Peter Mullen - a real Anglican vicar, unlike all those champagne socialist trendies in over-colourful mitres. Here he bears out Gammon's Law, a theory of NHS decline -

"The NHS is the new national church. Worshippers are very devout but, just as members of the old national church the Cof E were wont to argue the toss in Synod or squabble over whether to have a fortune-teller at the garden fete, so worshippers in the new national church exchanged insults this week in the House of Commons. Don’t worry, there will be no major schism in this new church, for its members are fiercely united.....unfortunately, this means that there will never be any serious attempt to remedy the many faults and failures of the NHS."

"In 43 years of priestly hospital visiting I have noticed a falling off in standards......I recall the hospitals as icons of orderliness, efficiency, cleanliness and run hierarchically with military precision......during the last 15 years, I visited most of the London hospitals. Some were clean and very well run. Others were unspeakably dirty, with evidence of carelessness and neglect of patients all around.....but, despite the horror stories and devotees’ squabbles in the House this week, it doesn’t matter how many unnecessary or premature deaths occur; it doesn’t matter how appalling the A&E services become; or that the new definition of a GP is your local doctor with whom you can never arrange an appointment....nothing will be done to remedy the inefficiency and abuses, because the NHS has the same status in Britain as that of a cow among Hindu devotees."

"There is one defining cause of the decay of the NHS: the colossal increases in its funding and the barely imaginable multiplication of its senior managers and employees have created an institution which no longer exists for the health of the people it was set up to serve, but for the benefit of the hordes of highly-unionised staff who operate it. This was always predictable and indeed, more than 30 years ago, it was actually predicted by Dr Max Gammon in what has come to be known as Gammon’s Law."

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