Saturday, 8 June 2013

UN in denial about global warming

The latest round of UN climate talks has attracted some of the world's biggest liars, including a delegation from the University of East Anglia where much of their data is fabricated (see here and also here and here too). This short video shows the spivs denying the Met Office's finding that the world isn't warming up after all. Try to spot their personal vested interests. And there's more green corruption where that came from....right, Tim Yeo?


  1. They can't admit it's a scam, even as it's costing billions.

  2. Global Warming is like a Gov't program, once it gets rolling, too many people have a vested interested in keeping the show rolling along. Seriously, just think of the sheer number of careers and gov't grants being thrown at this "problem" - it really is like what happens with a Gov't program.


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