Tuesday, 18 June 2013

"What cuts?" asks the vicar

If you're getting sick of senior Church of England bishops moaning about the "cuts", and the wickedness of capitalism, try subscribing to the Reverend Peter Mullen's refreshingly different blog. This is a small extract from his latest post -

"....If you read the papers, you will know that, since we plunged into the economic abyss in 2008, all the talk has been of the savage cuts that have been inflicted already. And this is balderdash since even the Government’s own figures show that public borrowing will be higher when it leaves office than when it entered. The state sector is taking 50 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product, yet people talk as if we’re living under capitalism red in tooth and claw! For goodness sake, in communist China the state takes only 17 per cent...."

Peter Mullen (who I've quoted here and here too) represents genuine Christianity, unlike the faithless champaign socialists who preside over England's - and Scotland's - fast-crumbling national churches.

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