Friday, 14 June 2013

Update on EDL extremism

Since the jihadi killing of a soldier on British soil, the English Defence League has been blamed for damaging mosques, even though it would have been counterproductive to have scrawled "EDL" on the walls afterwards, blamed for blowing up an islamic boarding school even though it was the pupils who turned out to have done it - and even though the EDL has itself been the target of an islamic bomb plot - blamed for scrawling "Islam", of all words, on a war memorial, blamed for numerous peaceful protests even though it is always left wing counter-demonstrators who cause the violence, and continually smeared as a "far right" organisation by the government and yellow media even though the EDL has gay and Jewish sections - unlike certain religious organisations I could mention.

Finally our servicemen have now been banned from joining the EDL, even though they can join outfits which preach jihad. Oh, and did I mention that social services might snatch your children if you join? Army personnel seem to be particularly at risk. When you're stabbed in the back like this, it's time to form a secret army....


  1. Think the EDL started WW1 too, didn't they?

  2. They were known as the Elders of Zion then :)


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