Monday, 17 June 2013

Twitterati fascists oppose free speech

Notorious for its offensive remarks made by would-be somebodies, Twitter now plumbs new depths. Incensed at EDL leader Tommy Robinson being given an interview on Radio 4, the tweeters went quite mental -

"‘Why on earth is Tommy Robinson being given a platform on BBCRadio4?’, tweeted one listener. Others claimed that offering the EDL a platform was ‘disgraceful’, ‘shocking’ and ‘so inappropriate’. One tweeted: ‘I wonder if Today programme editors even considered what their Muslim listeners would think about hearing the EDL over their cornflakes?’ The EDL should be no platformed, reasoned one twitterer, because ‘EDL are fascist. If fascists got into power, the first thing they would do would be to deny free speech!’ Quite right! Why wait for fascists to get into power, when censor-happy anti-fascists can crush foundational democratic freedoms today?"

"And what shocking, inflammatory, hate-filled ‘filth’ did the ‘moron’ Robinson spew out over these most respectable of British airwaves? Erm, actually, very little. He said that he ‘utterly condemned’ violence against Muslims, that the EDL was a peaceful organisation and that its tactics are ‘completely questionable’. The only grounds for violence...was if his own supporters attempted a Hitler salute (in 2011, he was convicted of assault for head-butting such a ‘troublemaking’ member). The most extreme thing Robinson called for was the outlawing of Sharia law and the internment of Muslims calling to ‘overthrow our Queen and our democracy’."

It goes without saying that the left (meaning Twitter fans) is comprised of white, lower middle class failures from joke universities (or "polytechnics"), who, taking on the white man's burden, affect to be eternally offended on behalf of the minorities. And who hate the native working class with an obscene passion.

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