Friday, 7 June 2013

Too drunk to steal

As the jury took only 40 minutes to reach a verdict, it was obviously "directed" by the judge. Maybe the fact that the thief had been a serving police officer had something to do with it...

"A jury has found a former British policewoman not guilty of stealing a mobile phone, after deciding she was too drunk to know what she was doing. Ceri Ann Rees, 35, had drunk 'quite a few' double vodkas at Aspers Casino in Wind Street....CCTV in the casino building captured Rees entering through a door marked 'staff only', to then rummage through two handbags....[she] was seen returning to the restaurant area with a phone and a charger, which she concealed under the top she was wearing. The phone was retrieved after a colleague removed it from her top and returned it to the staff member. Following the incident she was arrested and charged with burglary...Rees, who has always maintained that she did not intend to steal the phone, burst into tears when the jury returned their verdict."

Of course she knew she was stealing. Why else would she stuff the phone down her top? What's more her policewoman friend knew it was there too - but only retrieved it when they were both challenged by the staff -

"During her trial, the court heard Ms Rees had stuffed the "phone down her top before slumping on to her side". Her colleague, policewoman Samantha Dawson, retrieved the phone after they were challenged by casino staff....The ex-police officer told the jury she did not have an 'off button' once she started drinking."

How reassuring to know that the police are so inclusive these days that they even recruit alcoholics.


  1. So, if I have a couple of glasses of red, I can steal anything and get away with it?

    1. Yes, so long as you dress up first like the babe in the picture.


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