Wednesday, 19 June 2013

NHS watchdog not bothered about death of babies

The Himmleresque Care Quality Commission is in the news again, and it's certainly not for caring too much -

"The Care Quality Commission has been accused of destroying their own report into maternity units that were part of University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust. An independent investigation found the CQC failed to properly inspect the Morecambe Bay Trust, where up to 16 babies died....Concerns were first raised in 2008, but in 2010 the CQC gave the trust, which serves 365,000 people in South Cumbria and North Lancashire, a clean bill of health....CQC bosses were so concerned about protecting the watchdog's reputation that they ordered an internal review to be deleted because it showed that their original inspection was flawed."

The watchdog says that the only thing wrong with one death camp is not enough "privacy and dignity" -

"On Monday it was reported that a former NHS worker had described Weston General as the worst hospital she had encountered in her 30-year career, after her father died there. Jane Gill said 92-year-old James Bollen looked like he had 'come out of a concentration camp' by the time he died and was disgusted by the 'filthy' hospital, claiming she had never seen such poor patient care , cleanliness or lack of empathy from staff. Ian Biggs, regional director of the CQC in the South, said: 'When we last inspected Weston General Hospital we found that all too often, patients' privacy and dignity were not properly respected'."

The Health Secretary's solution to NHS mass murder is to hire US President Obama's former health adviser to create a new "safety culture" - which sounds like a public relations exercise to get more votes from the kind of people who read the Guardian. For more gory details of what Bevan's beasts get up to see here and also here.

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