Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Channel Islands - it's much worse than tax-fiddling...

Stuart Syvret is an ex-health minister of Jersey. He was sacked because he refused to cover up for mass sexual abuse and murder at the Haut de la Garenne children's home. Now, with the help of children's rights crusader John Hemming MP, he is agitating for the British government to investigate this atrocity, because in both Jersey and Guernsey the corrupt, depraved authorities are a law unto themselves. This is an extract from Stuart's blog -

“It needs to be recognised that Jersey is, essentially, a feudal society; an anachronism that has survived for centuries, no matter the thin veneer of modernity. The Channel Islands were the only European territory occupied by Nazis during WWII whose indigenous power-establishments prospered and survived during – and after - those events, untroubled and unchanged. Much of the manifestly surreal dysfunction – the palpable sense of absolute power and reckless invulnerability enjoyed by the local oligarchy today - can be traced back to Crown and United Kingdom failure to hold to account and clean-up the profiteering and corrupted Jersey media, policing, prosecution and judicial functions in the immediate wake of the Occupation. To this very day – the power-structure and apparatus of Jersey is wholly analogous to a feudal 'court' – in which political power, patronage, careers and law-enforcement are in the 'gift' of the feudal 'court' and its 'courtiers'. You are 'of' the 'court', or one of its vassals – or you are an enemy of the 'court' – and will be ruthlessly crushed……..”


  1. I had a connection with Jersey, Trinity to be exact and it was a most unusual society. Doesn't surprise any of this.

    1. The smaller the island jurisdiction the more TPTB get away with....


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