Monday, 24 June 2013

Smoking fascists - will they go for cyclists next?

Extracted from Raedwald's latest blog post -

"You may have noticed that the anti-smoking bigots have now moved onto the fantasy dangers of what they are terming 'third hand smoke' - meaning the smoke smell that adheres to the clothing of smokers. Smokers, they declare, are covered in nasty PMs and carcinogenic PAHs and BaPs and they should wear disposable plastic onesies every time they have a fag."

"No one, ever, has died from second hand or third hand cigarette smoke. Meanwhile, 5,000 Londoners a year are actually dying prematurely from the effects of vehicle air pollution....London's roadsides actually expose one to many times the levels of harmful particulates, chemicals and benzene derivatives than being locked in a closed car with a chain-smoker. London's worst roads have eight times the concentration of harmful substances than a smoky car, according to Aberdeen University."

"Now you have to feel sorry for cyclists....they're actually exposing themselves to the very worst levels of air pollution, far worse than making the same journey sealed inside a car with a smoker. And when they get to the office ... yep, they're covered in nasty PMs and carcinogenic PAHs and BaPs and all the things the third-hand-smoke faddists rant against. So will cyclists who don't shower and change clothes when they arrive at work be banned from the workplace along with smokers?"

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  1. heh. If they want to wear Lycra they'll have to go outside to the designated lycra-wearing area.

    The cyclists are safe for the moment. Government has kept the whole air-pollution thing quiet by blaming it all on smoking since the 1950s and they won't let that one go until it's time to tax everyone off the roads.

    Meanwhile, we smokers can have some fun as Death Machines, terrorising the drones wherever we go. And if they lay so much as a finger on us, third hand smoke will soak into their skin and their children will turn yellow and lumpy overnight.

    It's possible to enjoy denormalisation, if you're old enough to not give a stuff any more.


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