Thursday, 6 June 2013

Scots parents wising up to religion of hate

A council's determination to ram islam down the throats of indigenous Scottish children has faced a setback -

"A race row has broken out after almost a third of the children due to take part in a school field trip to a city mosque were pulled out by their parents. Children from Newtongrange Primary visited the Central Mosque in Potterrow, but from an original group of 90 pupils, 28 were withdrawn. The trip had been organised to help educate the primary one, two and five pupils about other religions and cultures. But one parent today said they didn’t want their child 'mixed up in the hate being preached in mosques'. The incident comes amid heightened tensions in the wake of the killing of soldier Lee Rigby in London, and David Cameron’s pledge to 'drain the swamp' of extremism'."

"Religious leaders and Midlothian councillors condemned parents pulling their children out the trip, but one parent of a P2 pupil, who did not take part, said: 'I don’t agree with sending my child to a mosque to learn about a religion that isn’t my own. It’s the hate that is being preached in these mosques that I don’t want my child mixed up in'."

Those children who didn't go on the trip were forced to attend a school lecture on islam instead - which usually means brainwashing. And note the above wording - councillors "condemned" these parents. What next - will they set the police on them? Or as is now increasingly the case, will the boys in black go for the children instead?

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