Tuesday, 18 June 2013

School cretins leave before they're sacked

It looks as though the Education Secretary's threat to get rid of incompetent teachers is working, going by the Croydon Guardian -

"A beleaguered primary school which will have lost 70 per cent of its teaching staff by the end of the current term has been placed in special measures by Ofsted. Roke Primary School in Kenley has suffered a staff exodus amid a long-running feud about Department for Education (DfE) plans to forcibly convert it into an academy. Twelve of the school’s 17 teachers will have left by the end of the school year...the Harris Federation is expected to be named Roke’s academy sponsor by the DfE later this month....[the] headteacher, Caroline Phillips, resigned in April, and was replaced by interim heads."

What's the Harris Federation? According to Wikipedia it's "a not-for-profit charitable organisation. The group is generally oversubscribed in most of its Academies, particularly Harris City Academy Crystal Palace with an average of 1,500 applicants for 200 spaces." So the future's looking good for the educationally deprived pupils of this deadbeat primary school. To continue -

"Some 29 staff....will have left by the end of the academic year. They amount to 44 per cent of the school’s 66 staff. It is more than double the number of staff who left in the previous academic year. Now an Ofsted report, due to be published later this month, is to label the troubled school inadequate.....high staff turnover since September 2012 meant some teachers had missed out on vital training, leading to gaps in their skills and understanding....they have not been effective in improving the quality of teaching."

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