Sunday, 30 June 2013

Robots to replace politicians?

Creepy but true -

"With the score tied 1-1, it’s gone to a penalty shootout in a tense football match between teams from Israel and Australia. As the Australian goalkeeper in his red jersey braces for the shot, the Israeli striker pauses. Then he breaks into a dance instead of kicking the ball. Perhaps he can be forgiven. He’s a robot, after all. Welcome to the RoboCup, where more than a thousand football-playing robots from forty countries have descended on the Dutch technology Mecca of Eindhoven this week with one goal in mind — beat the humans. Eventually. The tournament’s mission is to defeat the human World Cup winners by 2050 creating technology along the way that will have applications far beyond the realm of sport."

Well, of course it will. The whole story of the industrial revolution - which is arguably still going on - is about the replacement of people by labour-saving machinery, in order to drive down costs. Which is fine if those people can walk into new jobs - otherwise you generate unemployment, which drives down wages too. 

I wonder if Britain's 650 MPs, few of whom have any work experience outside the world of politics, would be able to make the transition? Because once you program 650 robots to vote in accordance with the desires of the European Union, big business and other lobby groups, you won't need those £65,000 per annum (plus expenses, pension money and redundancy pay) parasites sitting on the green baize benches any more. It also follows that the red benches of the House of Lords could be occupied by robots too, each wearing ermine and coronets for the state opening of Parliament. By a robot Queen, programmed to mindlessly rubber-stamp bills into law.

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