Thursday, 27 June 2013

OK yah....Glastonbury 2013

The rebellious, people-power loving hippies of the 1970s have long left university and grown up, walked into jobs at daddy's merchant bank, bought shares in nuclear weapons firms, and bribed their local councillors to wall off public footpaths so that the peasants can no longer walk across their country estates. And taken over Glastonbury. That's why the ticket prices have shot up over the years - to keep the oiks from spoiling an event now more exclusive than Ascot, with a campsite that could easily pass for the Field of the Cloth of Gold.

Actually that's not quite fair, because half the tickets have gone to BBC employees, under the guise of broadcasting requirements. With 250 hours of "Glasto" coverage - even during Songs of Praise - the people's broadcaster (sic) now needs fifty thousand executives (plus the odd cameraman) to be present so that we can all watch wealthy old socialists, who used to appear on Top of the Pops in the 1960s, croak out their songs of revolution for the Range Rover 'n' Grouse Moor Brigade.

Glastonbury is a great opportunity for the braying hordes of Eton from both Broadcasting House and the City to meet up again and take large amounts of drugs. And with this year's coverage pushing the cocaine bill beyond all previous records, expect the television license fee to double, PDQ.

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