Friday, 28 June 2013

Miliband loses the plot

Ed (or is it Dave?) Miliband is so desperate for a policy that he has resorted to high farce. He is now trying to get women's votes by promising to put their faces on banknotes. Never mind the fact that prison reformer Elizabeth Fry already appears on our fivers - he's wailing that there won't be any women left when she's replaced by Churchill. The fact that the Bank of England went for Fry in an effort to feminise its image, and that it has decided to put chick-lit bore Jane Austen on our tenners for the same reason, cuts no ice with the flailing Labour leader. He wants the male dominated banknote to be dominated by women instead, in order to provide some kind of lop-sided equality. But Dave should know this -

1) The Queen has been on EVERY SINGLE ONE of our banknotes for the last sixty years.
2) Margaret Thatcher made a much bigger difference to Britain than Elizabeth Fry ever did.

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