Wednesday, 12 June 2013

It's only our money, says the BBC

This extract from the Mail needs no commentary from me - but doesn't it remind you of Labour's nationalised industries, subsidised to the hilt out of our taxes until they were privatised by the Thatcher government?

"Day after day, new details emerge of the BBC’s appalling profligacy with licence fee payers’ money. A cool £1billion on New Broadcasting House (over budget and behind schedule), including the ‘largest newsroom in Europe’… another £1billion on the white elephant MediaCity in Salford, with £24million to bribe staff to move north…Well over £100million down the drain, on a ‘completely valueless’ computer system (and MPs deceived about it by former director general Mark Thompson)… losses of £10million on the sale of studios in Manchester…"

"But then why should BBC bosses care how much they spend? It’s not their money, after all, it’s only ours. This is the public sector mentality writ large. And it pervades the BBC’s output, on which most Britons depend for the majority of the news they absorb. For where public money is concerned, the Corporation sides instinctively with the spenders against the providers, the state employee against the taxpayer. As a fierce defender of media plurality, the Mail believes the voice of the Left must be heard. But when our national broadcaster, with its overwhelming dominance as a news provider, speaks with no other voice, abusing its vast resources to drown competing opinions, every one of us should worry."

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