Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fascists attack Farage in England, too

The Scottish "nationalist" mob which attacked UKIP leader Nigel Farage was, as I blogged at the time, proof that the party was starting to get popular north of the border. And as we've known since the recent elections, UKIP has become the third most popular party in England too - a fact which is driving the Sassenach left mental -

"Protesters attempted to hijack an appearance by Nigel Farage last night as he tried to spread his political message to hundreds of willing listeners. Trouble erupted inside Hove Town Hall where more than 400 people had packed in to hear the UKIP leader speak yesterday. About 100 protesters waving European flags and carrying placards with anti-racist messages had set up outside the town hall to confront Mr Farage as he arrived at the venue, but he was able to dodge them by entering the building through a different entrance."

"Police had to be called to help the UKIP leader leave."

Like their Scots comrades and islamist friends, these left-wing reactionaries are fascists in all but name, determined to crack down on what's left of free speech. Apparently UKIP's support for limited immigration counts as racist, even though the party bans ex-BNP members from joining and has black and yellow members.

"Inside Hove Town Hall last night he was greeted with a round of applause. But as he began to speak about his party’s ideas, the first echoes of abuse rang out as opponents tried to shout him down.....security staff bundled about a dozen shouting protesters outside....he said: 'Why can’t you stay and have a reasonable political debate? Isn’t this kind of behaviour, and the refusal to engage in a democratic process, the very thing you are shouting against? If these people believed in democracy they would sit down, listen and have an opportunity to make a counter argument.' "

However it was no good arguing with these bigots, who kept insisting that Farage was scum and a racist. Oddly, the left have no problem with institutionalised racism toward native Britons, or with the "scum" that rises to the top after every general election and sells us out still further to Brussels.

But then like the left, the EU is no friend of democracy either.


  1. See the UAF burning of the mosque? I don't think many would say it was the EDL.

    1. Like the Reichstag fire - set by the nazis and blamed on the commies 'n' jooooz.


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