Sunday, 2 June 2013

Er, who are the fascists?

Following the jihadi murder of a soldier, the quaintly-named outfit "United Against Fascism" - which although left-wing, is backed by David Cameron - is determined to prevent free speech and freedom of assembly -

"At least 58 people were arrested in London after anti-fascist demonstrators clashed with British National Party members in Westminster. The far-right group's march was one of around 60 planned across the country yesterday to mark the death of Drummer Lee Rigby...At least one BNP member was injured in fighting between the two groups, who were involved in a lengthy stand-off after Whitehall was choked by protesters determined to prevent BNP leader Nick Griffin and his supporters from carrying out their planned march to the Cenotaph."

"Police ordered the group of around 300 protesters, linked to Unite Against Fascism to move away and continue their protest further up the street but, after their demands were refused, officers moved in to make arrests."

With their sharia courts and fanatical hatred of civil rights, the fascists of the left have much in common with the islamists, now jubilant over the killing of Drummer Rigby -

"Prisons have been put on alert for copycat attacks after a warden was beaten and held hostage by Muslim prisoners in a high-security jail. It is thought the prisoners behind the attack were inspired by the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich last week. The prison officer was threatened with a makeshift blade and held captive in an office for four hours at Full Sutton jail in East Yorkshire....former service personnel working in jails could be at risk from radical Islamist inmates...The most recent inspection report into the prison highlighted tensions between Muslim inmates and other prisoners. More than a fifth of inmates are Muslims."

(I wonder how many soldiers the left-wing BBC has effectively killed off over the years through its support for Sinn Fein/IRA - incitement to murder being a criminal offence?)

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