Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cameron supports Frankenstein foods

Back in 2011 I pointed out the Labour government's corrupt connection with the GM food industry through its science (sic) minister, Lord Sainsbury. Now it looks as though the ConDem coalition has been "got at", too -

"David Cameron has indicated he is ‘perfectly happy’ for him and his family to eat genetically modified foods....he took the same view as Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, who said this week that he had eaten GM foods and would happily feed his children a genetically modified tomato....[but] as the Government launched a push to end an effective ban on GM products in British supermarkets, Downing Street repeatedly declined to say whether Mr Cameron would eat them or give them to his family....Mr Paterson.... insisted that they are safer than those produced using conventional farming methods."

Since the Environment Secretary - along with the Prime Minister - is in favour of taxing carbon dioxide too, it is hard to escape the conclusion that they are both stooges of the European Commission, which is in favour of both taxing carbon dioxide and eating genetically modified food - the latter after intense "lobbying" by vested interests like Lord Sainsbury and Monsanto. But going by the above quote, it would appear that allowing GM food wasn't enough for the Commission and its corporate sponsors - which is why the ConDems are now under instructions to get supermarkets to start selling the stuff, even though no-one wants to buy it. 

Just count your heads before and after you eat Dr Frankenstein's gastronomical monsters, that's all.


  1. The issue is in the labelling - most people will not know at point of purchase unless there is a big label on it saying so. I don't want to eat it but suspect it's already being sold.

    1. I think you're right - there needs to be a voluntary sector certification campaign. Either that or try to afford Soil Association certified food.


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