Thursday, 27 June 2013

Armed Forces Day - 29th June

If you're in Woolwich, where soldier Lee Rigby was killed by jihadists for wearing a "Help for Heroes" t-shirt, forget it. They're having a wonderfully diverse "community day" there instead, because we mustn't offend the moslems. And if you were looking forward to the arrival of two American speakers on the dangers of islamic fanaticism, forget it - they're being banned in case they offend the moslems on that day by their presence. But if you're a moslem hate preacher commuting from Pakistan to London, you're welcome to enter Britain at any time, even on Armed Forces Day.

SAS hero Danny Nightingale is facing a 5 year gaol sentence for owning a pistol given to him by grateful Iraqi troops. Unlike Abu Qatada, he can't get legal aid - give all you can to his legal fund appeal.

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