Sunday, 30 June 2013

Antarctica is growing, but Europe isn't

Tory MEP Dan Hannan - who is so off-message that he should be in UKIP - was wrong about the frozen south -

"I blogged the other day that every continent in the world was growing except Europe and Antarctica. It turns out I was wrong: Antarctica has bounced back impressively since the crash.....the chief economic activity on the southern continent is tourism, which is now recovering in line with the rest of the world. It's the same picture everywhere. Here, according to the IMF, is what happened region by region in 2012: North America grew by 2.1 per cent; Latin America and the Caribbean by 3.7 per cent; Russia and the former CIS by 4.2 per cent; North Africa and the Middle East by 4.2 per cent; the rest of Africa by 5.4 per cent; the rest of Asia by 6.0 per cent."

"The EU's economy, by contrast, shrank by 0.3 per cent – and that of the eurozone by 0.9 per cent."

Just to rub salt into the Brussels wound, Antarctica is literally growing too, despite the global warming research and scare stories sponsored by the European Commission. (And in case you were wondering why I have shown a picture of a polar bear instead of a penguin, it's because I haven't got any penguin pictures.)



    1. Thanks for the link to a penguin picture, but I'm far too lazy to replace the polar bear one.


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