Saturday, 18 May 2013

UKIP steals Labour votes too

Remember Rotherham, the borough which banned UKIP supporters from fostering children? It looks as though locals are sick of having their children abused by "Asian" gangs while councillors - led by Shaun Wright, now a Police and Crime Commissioner (sic) turn a blind eye. They want a decent representative this time -

"A seemingly 'safe' Labour seat on Rotherham Council has been taken by Ukip in a byelection, in what is the first time the party has won a seat from Labour. The Rawmarsh seat had been vacated by South Yorkshire’s new Labour police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright, and his wife Lisa Marie Wright stood as the Labour candidate. However, Ukip’s Caven Vines beat Mrs Wright by 104 votes, in what he described as a 'coup....we fought a hard campaign in a staunch Labour ward and ended up taking the seat by over 100 votes, slashing the previous Labour majority of over 1,000. In all honesty we didn’t think we would necessarily win.'"

The moslem grooming mainstream political parties are increasingly treating UKIP as the "new BNP".

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