Thursday, 16 May 2013

Toy fascism

The control freaks continue to take over the asylum (thanks to Julia M for the link) -

"Last week Boots agreed to remove in-store signs advertising different toys for boys and for girls following pressure on social media from the Let Toys Be Toys group. The shop admitted it had been 'wrong' to categorise toys from the Science Museum as boys’ toys. A Let Toys Be Toys spokesman [said] 'Can you imagine if we took your approach in schools: that science was just for boys and we shouldn’t bother teaching it to girls?' The campaign group tweeted a picture comparing the chemistry set, which is advertised for boys aged 9 to 12, with a pink, Hotpoint Toy Cooker that is categorised as a girls’ toy. It is common for retailers to advertise separate boys’ and girls’ toys but the practice has come under increasing amounts of criticism from those who say its limits children’s social development along gender lines."

Of course most females want to be housewives, given the choice - and it is only because  their menfolk's wages have been driven down by mass immigration that so many women are forced to join them in the workplace. No, Mumsnet - the left-wing professional women's group which runs "Let Toys Be Toys" - wants girls to grow up into make believe men, not women - and we see this brainwashing attitude in schools too. Is it any wonder that marriage and stable families are on the way out? The only winners in this programme are cheap labour employers, as wages are driven even lower by the influx of "liberated" women onto the jobmarket. And of course Mumsnet's political menfolk *, who have been making policy on behalf of cheap labour employers ever since Clement Attlee stabbed the working classes in the back.

* Like Ian Katz, the husband of Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts. He recently left his Deputy Editor's job at the Guardian for the editorship of the Labour Party's late night propaganda show, Newsnight. The continual flow of staff between Labour, the BBC and the Guardian is the modern equivalent of slavery's "Golden Triangle".


  1. Just more in the long litany of insanity - they just will not stop these things.

  2. "Never mind the fact that most females want to be housewives, given the choice"

    Most females, given the choice, would marry a rich man. However, we all live in the real world so it isn't going to happen.

    Speaking as a domestic goddess heretic I can say, with hand on heart, that no female of my acquaintance who has been married or lived with a bloke for several years would naively opt for the housewife choice over an alternative. Not unless a nanny and a housekeeper came with the deal.



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