Friday, 17 May 2013

Scots racists out to get Farage

Whilst never objecting to the receipt of English taxpayers' money to prop up their bloated public sector, Scottish "nationalists" - the term is a misnomer because they like being controlled by Brussels - have let UKIP's Nigel Farage know that they hate him for being English. Oddly, they don't mind buying votes - again, with English money - from Scottish-resident moslems. Perhaps they imagine them in kilts and figure that they're Scottish enough "really" any rate, the violence of these fake nationalists is convincing proof that UKIP is now Britain's fourth party and is about to extend its popularity north of the border. Salmond and his ilk are clearly running scared -

"Nigel Farage had to be locked in a pub for his own safety yesterday after being surrounded by a hostile crowd as he launched a by-election campaign. Farage and his entourage were first heckled as they attempted to hold a press conference in The Canons’ Gait in the angry demonstration continued, he attempted to flee by hailing a taxi but it was surrounded.....Farage leapt out and police had to escort him back into the pub. He was eventually driven away in a police van as protesters chanted ‘scum, scum, scum'....[he] said....'It’s not something I’ve experienced myself anywhere else in the United Kingdom. If this is the face of Scottish nationalism, it’s a pretty ugly picture. This was dressed up as an anti-racism protest, but it was nothing of the sort – it was an anti-English thing'."

Attempting to justify the violence, Alex Salmond (pictured) said "This is a man who doesn't like getting challenged because when the obnoxious views of his party are put to him then his bubble deflates very quickly."

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