Thursday, 30 May 2013

Legal aid news

Although the number of law firms able to provide free representation in England and Wales will soon drop to just 400 , it appears that money is no object when it comes to maintaining the human rights of foreign troop-killers -

"Britain was embroiled in a costly legal farce last night over the fate of up to 90 Taliban detainees suspected of trying to kill UK troops. Lawyers for the Afghans – given a huge platform yesterday by the BBC – claimed the prisoners are being illegally detained at a ‘secret’ prison within Camp Bastion in Helmand Province and demanded they be brought before a court or released."

"But when Defence Secretary Philip Hammond indicated that the military was prepared to release them to the Afghan authorities, the same lawyers – funded by legal aid – said they might launch fresh action in the UK courts to prevent that happening."

"They claim handing the prisoners over to the Afghan police would place them in danger of being tortured, and therefore infringe their human rights."

And there will be no cuts to the free legal service provided for economic migrants asylum-seekers. Troops will, however, continue to be treated like dirt by the BBC and the government because they're British.

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