Saturday, 29 December 2012

The 2012 New Year's Honours

A small selection of the worthies who were decorated by the Queen this year for all sorts of reasons.

Knights Bachelor

Charles Lamb Allen and John Alexander Armitt for profiteering from the coming Olympics, Dr John Gordon St Clair Buchanan and Andrew Witty for heading Big Pharma corporations, Robert Russell for being an MP, and UEA's Bob Watson for lying about global warming.

Knights / Dames Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Julie Moore for running an NHS Trust, Moria Gibb for running the People's Republic of Camden, Jonathan Paul Ive for being Senior Vice President of US computer firm Apple, and Joan Ruddock for being an MP.

Commanders of the Order of the British Empire

Robert Assirati, Catherine Elizabeth Bell, Robert William Black, Keith Graham Budgen, Kenneth Caley, David John Hall, James Gordon MacKinnon, Jennifer Hutton, Jonathan Jones, Dr Bryan Jackson OBE, Julia Doris Wood, Michael Charles Wells, Malcolm Whitehouse, Eileen Thornton, Dr Andrew Oliver Tyler, Thomas Worsley, Professor Philip Sutton, Gordon Smith, Jean Gross and Professor Jack Crane, for being employed by the Civil Service.

Ms Marion Clare Davis for overseeing Warwickshire Social Services' child snatching squad, Fiona Dawe, Nigel Mansell and Stephen John Hammersley for fronting fake charities, Professor Eileen Munro for preaching neo-marxist social engineering theory at the London School of Economics, Dr Gillian Greer and Lady Fiona Hodgson for services to militant feminism, Guy Alexander Wilkinson for promoting inter-faith dialogue between the Archbishop of Canterbury and radical islamists, and Howard John Shiplee for profiteering from the coming Olympics.

Trevor Mann for being a Senior Vice President of Japanese car firm Nissan, Denise Coates for founding online gambling outfit (and major donor to a gambling addiction charity) bet365, Helena Louise Morrissey for being CEO of private equity shark Newton Investment Management, and Guinness fraudster Gerald Ronson for philanthropy.

Applications for the next honours round should be sent to United Grand Lodge or Common Purpose.

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