Friday, 11 May 2012

The coroner, the doctor, the judge and his strangled son

It all happens in Bury St Edmunds, you know. 12-year-old Edward Morgan-Gooch was found dead in his bedroom, wearing a belt pulled tightly around his neck. Suffolk social services made it clear that they didn't suspect the parents and so didn't take his siblings into care.

(Normally, it doesn't need much at all for social services to commence care proceedings - just a desire to meet their yearly targets is usually enough.)

As is so often the case, the police found no suspicious circumstances. The mere fact that he was wearing a belt around his neck was put down to an attempt to improve his singing abilities by the hospital paediatrician, concurring with the parents' view of what had happened. The county coroner - who decided that he didn't need a jury for the inquest - agreed, but added that "it may have been something that was difficult for Edward to explain, but children can carry out acts which are out of character".

Not that anyone would dream of accusing the parents of driving their son to suicide or strangling him of course, because the dead boy's mother works for a firm of lawyers and the father is a crown court judge.


  1. My son died like this and at least in this case the judge ruled accidental death, instead of the open verdict that I had to endure (same coroner). The other disturbing aspects of this case are as you say, all attention was distracted from the parents. No mention of the marital disharmony, the pushy,obsessional and oversexed mother, who "stalks" members of the cathedral staff. Surely a case for Suffolk Social services? There is also I understand a young grandson who spends a good amount of his time with his disturbed grandmother.
    Another irregularity is that the paediatrician in this case dr Peter Powell, not only a good friend of our coroner, but the husband of the Dean of St Edmundsbury cathedral!! He already knew the family so surely should not have been used. A cover up definitely, to protect the parents, the middle school which like my son's maybe had pupils practicing the "hanging game", but not the music department of the cathedral by Dr Powell putting forward a bizarre "theory" that the boy had been trying to improve his voice or breathing!!! What can we do about this so the truth comes out about these tragic children? There is a sizable support/ action group in the US. We need one here! Jo

  2. I wish you luck in your search for some sort of justice, Jo. John Hemming MP is leading an organised resistance to social services child-snatching tactics - he may be able to help with action against your late son's school.


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