Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Liverpool to become even more corrupt

So Liverpool City Council has decided that it wants a directly elected mayor like London, even though (unlike many other councils) it won't bother with a local referendum first -

"Joe Anderson, Labour leader, said the move clinched a £130m package of funding from Whitehall .....Liverpool’s city deal includes a £75m fresh economic development grant from government, a new low tax enterprise zone near the docks in the north of the city and control of five development areas that could raise up to £500m in additional business rates for the city.....It will also be handed millions in assets owned by the Northwest Development Agency....Cllr Anderson said the city would have a 'competitive advantage'."

Well, with almost absolute power over the spending money, Joe Anderson will definitely have an "advantage" if he becomes mayor - a prospect that annoys notoriously corrupt LibDem councillor Richard Kemp, who raves -

“The deal Liverpool will get is a good deal but no different to what others will get. It is clear you do not have to go for an elected mayor to get one. The government needed a city to go for a mayor and Joe Anderson has taken the 30 pieces of silver. He is ducking the referendum.”

Perhaps the last word should go to ex (because he's a bit too honest) Liverpool City Councillor Paul Clein -

"In the past, our local government system has been remarkably free from corrupt practice by elected members. I'd suggest this was due to having robust checks and balances underpinned by the long established and in my view very sensible practice of not concentrating too much power in one person. Contrast that with countries where elected mayors are a commonplace."

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